Try Bowls

How do I play?

You can play bowls on your own, take on an opponent in single or team up with others to play pairs, triples or fours.

The basic rules are simple. First you roll a small ball called the jack. Then you bowl aiming to get as close to the jack as possible. Points are scored for bowls nearest the jack and games are played over a set number of 'ends' or to a specific points score.

Many people just play against their friends in friendly games, but If that gets your competitive juices flowing and you want to join a team, then sign up for Pennant season. Pennant is the league. format of the game played on Saturdays, midweek Tuesday or Tuesday night

Anyone can try bowls at The Dandenong Club. Contact Rob Sharpe to enquire about an introduction and free lesson.


CALL US: +61 3 9792 1963

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