Snooker Club

The Dandenong Snooker Club is made up of a group of about 20 friendly and competitive, die-hard snooker addicts. We field between 4 and 6 teams in VBSA, VCCS and SBSA leagues every season. We regularly play B and C grades and remain very competitive, despite the fact that we are one of the smallest sub clubs.

The Snooker club has enjoyed a very successful history, dating back to 1988 when we won the A grade pennant finals. Since then we have featured in finals almost every season and have won no less than three more premierships!

We play pennant snooker on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Competition begins at 7:30 pm and usually finishes between 10:30 and 11:00 pm. Currently, we have players ranked as high as 38 in the Victorian Billiards & Snooker Association, and number 1 in the Victorian Confederation of Cue Sports. The snooker club also boasts three qualified referees who can be found at all the major snooker tournaments held in Victoria.

We welcome new members who would like to improve their game and are interested in playing competition snooker and billiards. Membership costs $80 per annum, and is available to any full member of the Dandenong Club. So, if you’re interested in improving, or just learning more about this fascinating game, come and join the Snooker Club.

Contact for Snooker Club;

Michael D’Silva – 0419 898 750



CALL US: +61 3 9792 1963