10 Considerations When Choosing Corporate Event Locations

When planning your next corporate event, the choice of venue could either make or break its success. Event and meeting planners would agree that choosing the ideal corporate event location is the most challenging part of event-planning process. To aid in the process, it could be handy to make a checklist of pointers before setting out on a venue-hunting trip.
Take the following into consideration:

  1.     Budget

Be a cost-conscious organiser.  Make sure that the venue is within the budget you have planned for the event.  Look at the cancellation policy and ensure there is at least a partial refund in case of cancellation. Don’t hesitate to ask for the things you need. Keep the cost in check, and explore social function venues that may meet your needs and won’t put a strain on your budget.

  1.     Parking

Consider picking a venue that comes with adequate parking for the number of guests you have. Or at least ensure that there are parking lots nearby that you can rent for the day.  A venue with adequate parking space will give your event a positive impression, especially if stakeholders and potential clients are attending your event.

  1.     Attendees

The number of meeting rooms, seating capacity, and size of exhibit space should be proportioned to the number of attendees.  It is important that attendees are comfortable to move around and aren’t cramped or crowded in a small space.

  1.     Event activities

Is there an opportunity to break up the day with some activity?  A game of bowls after lunch is a great icebreaker and can help team cohesion. It can end a great learning filled day or break up the afternoon.

  1.     Route/ Location

Location and ease of access can be key to getting maximum attendance.  Choose conference venue in Melbourne that is easy to locate and have accessible routes.

  1.     Food and beverage

Since the day can be packed with meetings, planning, and discussions, it is important that there is ample nutritious options available for the attendees. Be sure to ask for a range of menu options from the venue.

  1.     Facilities and amenities

Check if the microphones, lighting, and audio-visual equipment are working properly. Be mindful of all the components you need such as break-out rooms, stage and arrangements and miscellaneous items such as whiteboards, stationeries, and projectors.

  1.     Accommodating staff

During your venue-hunting, try to get to know the staff and venue coordinators.  Like the venue itself, the people could either make or break the success of your event.

  1.     Wi-fi/ Internet connectivity

Find out if the Conference venue can provide internet connectivity as a part of the package, or if the venue has good reception for internet access.

  1.  Environment/ General Ambiance

Is the place cozy enough for your event or does it have the right feel for what you are trying to achieve? Pay attention to the environment and general feel of the venue.

Take some of these tips into consideration and you’ll be well on your way to planning a great corporate event, or speak to the team at Dandenong Club for their help and advice.