Recent seasons have resulted in considerable success at the Club without having the top team do well enough to be promoted to division one.   We are determined to rectify that, build the Club’s playing depth, and improve all our teams’ grades.

At the end of the 2021/22 season, Bowls Victoria will restructure its grading. Below division one, each grade will have the same number of sections and teams. It will mean that for one year, more teams will find themselves relegated than promoted. This season is most definitely one when performing strongly across all our grades is imperative.

Our club has grown enormously in recent times. We now operate seven days a week, for 12-months of the year. Rob Wilson’s role has continued to grow to a point we now require significantly more manpower to share the load and continue to realise our ambitions.

As a consequence, we have decided to increase our coaching and player development team and asked Rob to shift his focus more towards the operational needs of our bowls program.

We are delighted to announce two new coaching appointments to the Club. The first is that of a Head Coach, Britt Jago, and the other is Rod Peterson, as our Development Coach. Rob Wilson remains an integral part of the coaching team.

Britt Jago (widely known as Wombat) is well known on the Mornington Peninsula for being a significant part of Somerville becoming a powerhouse. He committed, played and travelled to Fitzroy for three seasons while they were at the peak of their power as a club in Div 1. He has bowled and learnt from some of the best bowlers the state has to offer.
Working with Danny Simmons last season at Carrum, they integrated a coaching plan that resulted in the club’s most successful season. This was brought about by the investment in the development of all players to aspire to be their best.

Wombat also is a presenter and assessor for Bowls Victoria. In this role, he facilitates coaching workshops for accredited coaches and is highly passionate about building coaches capabilities.  Wombat has a young family, and he is a Bank Manager with Westpac by day.
In making this appointment to the Club, we were impressed by Britt’s coaching and playing credentials, calm and considered approach, and how thoroughly he worked through our suitability for his ambitions as a player and coach.

Rod Peterson expressed to us a passion for coaching and working with young players. He joins us from Clayton Bowls Club, where he played premier bowls last season, primarily second to former world Champion Ali Forsyth.

Rod is well connected in bowling circles through his associations with coaches with International standing in Danny Simmons and Lachlan Tighe.  We are confident that many of our club’s bowlers will benefit from Rod’s support and advice.

He has impressed us with his research and general assessment of where we are heading and his strong desire to be part of our ongoing journey.

In his role, he will focus on establishing more rapid improvement in a group of players we expect will be pivotal to our future.