A popular phenomenon that has been existing for a long time is doing work at coffee shops or cafes. In a technological age, a busy life involves bringing your gadgets with you wherever you go and doing work outside our company buildings as we strive to complete our assigned tasks. It is not rare to see somebody at a cafe hunched over their laptop as they hastily type and keep their eyes on their screen. Hence, it brings to mind the question as to why cafes are one of the staple places where people do their work and try to be productive. Here are some reasons why.
1. Studies show the noise in the cafe makes you more productive.
It may be quite hard to believe, but the total silence your own apartment or room can offer when it comes to being more productive is much less significant than the sounds in a typical cafe. Studies have shown that the 70 decibels at a cafe encourages more creativity since it can serve as a mild distraction which can produce more creative ideas.
2. It’s a present phenomenon in popular culture.
One of the reasons why you’re probably more productive in cafes is because as mentioned above, you see and hear famous people doing their jobs at cafes. Successful writers like Fitzgerald or J.K Rowling have been known to write in cafes and it has always been associated with the growth and experiences of successful people like them in the popular media. Due to this, you may find yourself more delighted at the thought of writing or doing your work at cafes because of the positive connotations of productivity and cafes!
3. Working at cafes can be outside your comfort zone.
Instead of being surrounded by your same old ordinary things at your house, in a cafe you’ll be experiencing something new or you’ll be seeing new people, and there will be quite a few new things happening all around you, this can cause stimulation in your brain and make you more productive. It is also recommended not to get too distracted, though – put effort in focusing on your work.
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