Competition Bowls

Our Tiger Turf undercover green provides the perfect roll and draw on the bowl. The new high-tech roof and surrounds deliver first-class playing conditions in any weather.
We provide a variety of competitions to suit any bowler.

Our Winter Play

Week Day Competitions are held each Monday and Wednesday and commence at 12.30. These are played as a pairs format . Monday and Tuesday and Saturday is 2x4x2 and Wednesdays is a medley of three formats. We supply a light lunch on Wednesdays. In competition play we prefer you nominate your team although we can occasionally accommodate single bookings.

Fridays is social play with individual nominations. On Fridays we allocate players to a team. . Please arrive by 9.30am. There is a break for lunch

Week Night Competitions are offer Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. Tuesday is a nominated triples night commencing at 7.00pm. Wednesday and Thursdays are short season competitions, generally of seven weeks duration. Wednesdays is Club Combo 5’s and Thursday is Winter 8’s.

Find out more about Club Combo 5’s here

Find out more about Winter 8’s


Bookings for Competition play will be charged at:
$8.00 per player for Dandenong Club Bowls Club Members. (including Dual members)
$10.00 per player for visitors from other Clubs
$12.00 when lunch is included

Who can play

We welcome Dandenong Club Bowls Club members and guests, but only registered bowlers from a club are eligible to play in organised competition or social play. Dress is mufti.

What’s Coming Up

23rd May24th May25th May26th May27th May21st May22nd May
AMRoll ups Roll ups Roll UpsRoll upsSocial Bowls Roll UpsRoll Ups
PMNominated Pairs 12:30pmNominated Pairs Medley Pairs 12:30Roll Ups Social Bowls Nominated PairsRoll Ups
NIGHT Jack AttackNominated TriplesCombo FivesWinter Eights
30th May31st May1st June 2nd June 3rd June 4th June5th June
AMRoll ups Roll Ups Roll Ups Roll UpsSocial Bowls Aust IndoorAust Indoor
PMNominated Pairs 12.30pmNominated Pairs Medley pairs 12.30Roll UpsSocial Bowls Aust IndoorAust Indoor
Night Jack Attack Nominated TriplesCombo Fives Winter EightsAust Indoor

How to Book Competition play

Preference is given to team entries for competition play unless single nominations is specifically listed. Other than Fridays, single bookings need to be confirmed by calling the bowls shop on the day scheduled for play.

Bookings will open seven days prior to each event. To avoid disappointment please book early

We prefer bookings are made via our online booking system.

The tablet located outside the bowls shop is there for the convenience of members. Please do not ask staff members to take your bookings verbally. They have been advised to help you use the tablet or your phone rather than take your verbal bookings.

Bookings made on line are confirmed with an email to the person making the booking and an SMS reminder the day before the day of the booking.

Book Competition Play online

Playing arrangements

The Bowls shop will be responsible for the allocation of rinks to players
A buzzer will sound to conclude play if the number of ends allocated for the match have not been reached.
Players must complete the end being played at the time the final buzzer sounds.

Bowls Activity and Staying Safe

The booking system is a crucial part of our requirements to ensure we know who is on the green .

Players should practice social distancing of 1.5m and safe hygiene at all times. Hand sanitiser will be available behind the rinks.

Any loan bowls must be thoroughly sanitised after use

If you are a person deemed to be at risk or someone with cold or flu like symptoms, please refrain from attending the club until a more appropriate time.

Bookings are Essential

Booking is easy and open seven days prior to events. Click on the “BOOK NOW” button below and choose the competition you wish to play. We will send you an email confirming your booking.

Alternatively, use the Ipad outside the bowls during office hours 9.00am to 5.00pm. A staff member can assist of you need help.

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