Bowls Club News

18 September 2020

Firstly, on behalf of myself Karen and Shaun I would like to say thank you to the many members that have made contact during the lockdown period to check up on us and stay in touch. I have similarly been impressed, as I ring around as to just how many members have been reaching out to each other and looking out for their mates through this tough period. I would encourage everyone to give a member a call that you think may benefit from a chat, it could make a difference to them. This type of fellowship and team spirit is a typical example as to why Dandenong Club is a great place to be a member. Please keep up the good work in that area.

This has indeed been a weird year and there are still some hard yards to be done yet, however, there is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel and I sense we will be back together going about our business again soon. Although it is still a bit soon for complete detail on some activities, things to look out for when we get underway.

Member profile Q&A

To get to know our members a little better over the coming weeks I will be conducting some Q&A interviews with members these will feature regularly in the newsletter. So get ready if you receive an email questionnaire from me I will follow that up with a phone call and a chat, and I would expect no telling porky’s. Hopefully, these profiles will be interesting as a read but also a bit of fun.

Junior program

When we resume young people will be a more regular sight around the greens. Last summer I started a Junior development program with very pleasing results, so much so that this season Dandenong Club will be entering 2 teams in the BV Junior league for the first time. These teams will comprise of Dandenong Club members Amity Bickley, Shailee Reeves, Kira Powell, Steffanie Bennett, and William Sciberras. As well as Will Mays and Olivia Slade from Heathmont competing on our colours. If You see any of these young people around the place say hello and make them feel welcome (I am sure you will).

And if you have a family member or are aware of any kids 10 to 17 that you would like to introduce to the club I would love to have them join in our Junior sessions at the club, I know they will enjoy it. let me know and I am happy to follow them up.

Pennant Competitions.

Once again, our Membership continues to grow as has the interest in pennant therefore the club has responded taking an aggressive approach to team entries. Although we wait on BV and Government advice for details on the upcoming pennant season the club has submitted an application for 8 Saturday sides, 6 Midweek Tuesday, 4 Midweek Thursday (new comp), and 4 Tuesday night. As well as accommodating the influx of new members this will also give as many of our current members the maximum opportunity to play. Therefore this is the season for you if you were thinking about playing and not sure then we need you, if you had been playing and thinking of not playing this season then we need you more. Contact me if you have any questions.

Tuesday night Pennant

Not quite the cut and thrust of Saturday pennant, a bit more relaxed but still very competitive. The night competition is another opportunity to proudly wear our club uniform and compete side by side with our fellow Dandenong Club mates against other clubs. On a lovely summers night this is a fun and enjoyable night out. We have an additional team entered for this season so plenty of vibrancy on the green on a Tuesday night and a good opportunity to get a game. I would love to hear from you if you have not yet committed to play.

New BV Midweek Pennant Thursday 7s (daytime )

This is a new proposed Midweek pennant competition we are still waiting on confirmation of it going ahead but the club has entered 4 sides. This concept will have teams of 7 players playing a combination of Pairs and triples in a home and away format. Members can play in both the Tuesday and Thursday pennant competitions if they wish. Keep this one in mind as we will hopefully have more information soon.

New inhouse evening competition

As soon as is practical we will commence a Midweek evening Inhouse competition, most likely to be on a Monday night and proposed to be a 5 a side team event. This new exciting format will comprise of a combination of pairs, triples fours and singles and all played under the roof at the Dandenong Club. You can form a team of your own with your mates, or put your name down as a single and we will do our best to fit you into a team. For those workers looking for some evening play this can be an exciting different format.

Midweek competition play

For those who are looking for an alternative to the pennant format, “fine by us” there will be plenty of opportunity for that as always at our club. We will once again offer the most comprehensive calendar of mid-week competitions anywhere with Monday, Wednesday and Friday daytime events a popular staple for members and regular visitors. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for details on starting dates and formats.

Jack Attack

The ever-increasing popularity of this form of the game has been amazing. Very light with no sheep stations attached (not big ones anyway) This fun team format is a great opportunity for new bowlers to get introduced to the game and club. Played as two bowl triples game, the format includes power plays and tiebreakers. It is based around having a meal a few drinks and just getting out there. A great opportunity for the family to play together or a few mates to knock about. It’s not a long or late night, The bar opens at 5.00pm and matches start by 6.30pm concluding in around 70 minutes. Why not give it a go and encourage friends to do so. Covid restrictions meant last season The Jack Attack teams missed their finals week. We will be inviting all teams back to establish our season winners as soon as we have an available date.

I very much look forward to catching up with you all soon, but a final message and request from me. Get Involved. Given how difficult a year 2020 has been for the Club, this is the season “whatever it may look like” to get active as a member because we need you. Join in on the bowls activities, join a sub-committee, spend in our retail outlet, organise a function or family get together, buy a meal before or after your bowls or just offer a drink to an opponent. This will all add up and every little bit will help a lot, and at the same time, we will continue to grow the great club that it has become.

Go Dandy.


Rob Wilson.

Club Coach and Operations Manager