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When will we play?

Still no real news on when we open the Dandenong Club, or we will be able to bowl. We can probably learn a bit from what is happening in regional Victoria, where roll-ups have recommenced, and there are limits on pubs of just ten people inside and 20 outside.

The NSW’s government made some announcements Thursday that reinforced that they will allow far more liberties for those doubled vaxed. If Victoria takes the same approach, we will need the means to identify who is and who isn’t vaccinated but suspect that is still coming. If you haven’t had a jab yet and intend to bowl, we suggest you discuss your position with your Doctor and make your decision on sound medical advice.

So while we wait, the bowls committee is taking the view that being nimble will, be a key to our early success and being prepared to make quick decisions to adjust to whatever decision comes our way. Should be an interesting start to the season.  Bowls Victoria has released a pennant draw but suggests it’s likely to change to ensure we accommodate a 14 week season, Stay tuned!!


Championships Manager Anthony Lee is facing his fair share of frustration in putting together the singles championships. It remains most likely those entering will need to commit to playing the first round of matches on a Sunday and that subsequent rounds will have nominated play on or before days/nights. There will be less flexibility than other years, with Thursday evenings likely to be assigned to play most matches. Advice on how to enter will be available soon.


Facilities Manager Rob Wilson has plans for a clean up around the green for when we reopen. Thanks to Noel Carter, Phil Tiller, Marty Vandevlis, Tom Oakley, Graeme Anderson and Graeme Firth, who have already offered to join the team of Willow’s Workers.


The Tuesday and Saturday selectors have been meeting jointly to develop a collaborative, honest and communicative approach to selecting teams. Discussions included contributions from the coaches to ensure selection is aligned with what the coaches are trying to achieve in a development sense.

The end game for each side is to make the finals and to win premierships.

Having the top two teams in the same grade but different sections will provide some opportunities to play some players in different positions without requiring them to play a different grade. A similar situation will exist for the third and fourth teams, who both will play division four.

The selectors talked about being proactive with their communications with players and the importance of understanding what individuals hope to achieve during the season.


With the expectation that we will return to having a break during pennant play, Ian Souter has offered to introduce raffles for all home day pennant on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These will be the same as we confront when we visit most other clubs. They are good money spinners that help fund some of the costs associated with a pennant season. Our success in growing the club over the past three years has increased Bowls Victoria affiliation fees. They jumped from $5082 last year to over $12,127 this season, and these raffles will help to pick up those costs.

Have you taken your bowl for a walk?
Many years ago, in bowls we had this novel concept of not playing bowls in winter.  In fact, the only time we started thinking about bowling was late August as most greens would come out of winter hibernation in early September.  I fondly remember the opening days, the grass would be a lightning speed of all of 10 seconds, that was about 5 either way and players would comment on not feeling it at all, making statements like the bowl feels heavy, or it doesn’t feel right anymore in my hand.
A man by the name of Joe had a theory on this, you would quite often see Joe strolling along the boardwalk in Hastings with a bowl in his hand.  Many people would stop Joe and ask what he was doing, his reply was simple, ‘Taking my bowl for a walk!’  Joe would explain to people that by walking with his bowl in hand it always felt comfortable, and when the season started, he did not have to get use to the bowl once more.  So, I ask each of you, “Have you taken your bowl for a walk lately?”
Another fine bowler was a gentleman named Hec Sutherland.  Hec use to walk a lot as well and would often remark that his remarkable weight control was brought about through his mind programming.  What the??  Hec use to walk along and visualise bowling to the light pole, a spot on the ground, a fence, a tree, etc.  Each of these were different lengths and he would raise or lower his arm in the pendulum motion and adjust to what he thought each one was, and then simulate bowling to them.  Might sound very odd, however take it from me he had impeccable control of his weight so his programming skills must have worked.
Hec was also a believer when he was out practicing to put his first bowl down and then try and put the next three on top of that no matter where the first landed.  His theory to this was simple, if I can achieve the result of grouping my bowls together when I am on Jack all of my bowls will be on the Jack.

Coach Wombat
(m) 0419 470 607

Backyard bowlers

One of our players has been active during the lockdown in the back yard but I’m unsure how he would mark this effort to get within a mat length of the Jack?
Name this backyard bowler who needs some help building a head.  Entries to The first correct entry gets a $20 DC voucher

More BPL teams for BPL 14

On the BPL front, there is news about the introduction of a new team from Tasmania being announced this week. It means that it’s now a 10 team competition with the additions of Melbourne Extreme and Gold Coast returning. Melbourne Roys have withdrawn from the BPL 14 scheduled for November. Go to the BA website for more news on the Tassie side.

The Club Handbook

For many years we have been producing a handbook. Its a considerable task for one unlucky person at the bowls club and this year the Committee has decided with all the doubts and delays being created by Covid, we will try a year without it.   There is of course information contained in these booklets that is important to members so we need to find other options for distribution

Contacts names and contact details for members:  We will email all members a list of the current member list on October 1. This will be available as a printable A4 sheet, and also available in printed format at the Bowls Shop.  We will add for your information member’s email address.  Updates will be available from Helen Brown for those that need it throughout the season.

The Pennant Draws: The draws will be available on the Bowls Victoria website. We will have a quick and easy link included on our website.  Members who require a hard copy of any particular draw will be able to ask for a hard copy in the Bowls Shop.

Office Bearers; All office bearers will be listed on the club website

Welcome Back Rob Warren

Rob Warren took a break recently from his role as the Saturday Bowls Manager. It’s lasted about two months.  Thanks, Rob for agreeing to return to the role as a replacement for Derek Stokes, whose work commitments have changed resulting in his need to withdraw from the bowls committee.

New Member, Chris Wallace will help out with some of the collation of data from player score cards. You can catch a bit of Chris in this Bowls Australia clip explaining the basics of the game.

Club Membership

Membership remains healthy as we head into the 21/22 season and solid numbers showing an interest in pennant play.

The most recent ins are the club coach Britt Jago and Chris Wallace and his mother Kerry who will join us from NSW once she can find a way to cross the border.  Development Coach Rod Peterson joins us from Clayton.

Recent departures are Dylan Booth, Sarah and Scarlett Warburton who have returned to play at Keysborough and “Paris” Hilton who is having a run at Naree Warren this year.  We thank each of them for the time they spent with us and look forward to crossing paths during the coming season

Member Category Subscription Category Number
Adult Full 178
Adult Dual 80
Junior Full 6
Junior Dual 2
Adult Life 10
Total as at 8th September 2021 276
It’s a very strange time for many of us and hopefully, we will be back to our bowls club soon. In the meantime don’t forget to check on some of your bowls club friends. A simple phone call can make such a big difference.

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