Selection Policy Saturday and Tuesday Pennant Play (adopted 9/9/2020)

  1. Appointment

The Committee of Management in accordance with Rules 17 of the Dandenong Club Bowls Section Rules shall appoint separate selection sub-committees for each pennant competition in which the club has representative sides.

The Chairman will be decided by the committee at the appointment of the selectors. c. Successful appointments to the selection sub-committees shall be for a period of two (2) years from the date of their appointment. At the completion of their term they may re-apply for a further term of two years. Half of the subcommittees shall automatically retire each year at the end of their two (2) year term, while the remaining members will retire in the alternate year.

2/Representation to Committee of Management

The appointed Chairman of the Selection Committees shall be the sole spokesperson for the Selection Committee and the liaison officer between the Selection Committee and Committee of Management

3/Role of Selection Committees

The duties of the Selection Committees shall be to select all sides for Pennant Matches, and in games held or authorized by their controlling bodies in which a player or side is representing the Bowls Section.

The Selection Committees shall cause to have posted on the Bowls Section Notice Board and electronic media a list of players selected to represent the club in the forthcoming Pennant Competition at the earliest opportunity.

The Selection Committee shall appoint umpires and measures for each pennant home match.

The Pennant Managers shall appoint suitable members to the position of side managers for each respective side, notwithstanding that this appointment shall in no way prevent the members from being either promoted or relegated.

It may be required from time to time for side managers to be invited by the Chairman to attend Selection Meetings in order to communicate their side’s performance or of any player’s comments or concerns.

At the earliest opportunity after the appointment of the Selection Committees, the Bowls Administration Manager shall place a list on the Bowls Section Notice Board and electronic media comprising the name of the Chairman and names of the Appointed Selectors.

Any approach by a player to a selector regarding pennant issues shall be directed by the selector to arrange an appointment to meet with the selection committee to relay any concerns.

4/ Selection Philosophy Saturday and Tuesday

Saturday and Tuesday selection panels will work collaboratively with the club coach to provide consistency in the way identified players are selected in teams to realise their potential for development.  The selection panels will maintain an eye of the future through rewarding and encouraging emerging players at the club. It’s a team game and no player will be considered to hold a mortgage on particular playing position. Players omitted from one team will be considered for different positional play in the team they are selected for.

We have different aims for each Saturday grade detailed below:

  • Highest ranked pennant – win the premiership
  • 2nd team – win more than 70% of games and provide solid support for the top team
  • 3rd team – promote players with potential to play higher divisions and make finals
  • 4th team – make finals provide a competitive environment for players that enjoy team competition
  • 5th team – make finals provide a competitive environment for players that enjoy team competition
  • 6th and 7th team – Provide social outlet for players seeking to play in a team environment. Introductory level for new bowlers.
  • 8th team – Provide social outlet for players seeking to play in a team environment.

5/ Selection Criteria or Standards

The following factors will be taken into account when selecting teams:

Individual performances– Focus on all-round performance where we will look at all aspects of play that is forehand, backhand, conversion.

Attitude -This includes players’ attitudes towards the club, fellow players and members of the club. This will focus on the effort at training and match days, the timeliness of attendance and their contribution to team/spirit.

Playing Performance – match days and in club competition play. Includes consideration of match day peer ratings.

Team balance – We will focus on ensuring teams are balanced and this may mean selection changes that may appear at the individual level to be unwarranted.

Fitness – Players should maintain an appropriate level of fitness relative to the level of bowls they are playing.

Commitment to improve – Training is not compulsory, however, selectors will consider a players commitment to train and to practice as an indicator of their willingness for improvement and development.

Potential for development– selectors will provide pathways for developing players to be rewarded over the season and promotion through the various grades and positions played.

Financial status – Those players whose membership fees are not current will not be selected.

6/ Unavailability – 

Players should post any known unavailability dates on the notice board in the clubrooms before the start of the season.

 7/ Post Selection Policy

In the event a selected player becomes unavailable after selection, replacement players will be decided upon by the Chairman of selectors or their nominee.

8/ The Appeal Process

Players have 48 hours to appeal the selection decision. The appeal should be made in writing and directed to the club committee of management.

9/ Playing Request

Players requesting they play in certain positions, with particular players or nominated venues will be provided some consideration but will not necessarily play in a grade commensurate to their abilities.