2021/22 Events and Playing Conditions

In 2022/23 the club will commence its Club Championship events in September.

Two events have been added to the Championships events calendar. For the first time we have included and Open triples events and Minor Singles

Entries are available for each event vai this web site Most matches will be scheduled for play on Thursday evenings at 7.00 pm. They can be played prior the scheduled day and time by agreement between the players.

The triples competition is planned for Sunday mornings:

Closing dates are as follows
All singles events by the 19th September

Triples event by 19th September

All pairs events by the 17th December

Club Championship Manager is Hamish Beecroft. You can contact Hamish on his mobile 0488 299 095 or email him at hamish.beecroft2@gmail.com for more information.

How to enter:
You can click the event links below for Conditions of Play and entry details for each of the events :

Women’s Singles

Men’s Singles

Open Minor Singles

Women’s Pairs

Men’s Pairs

Mixed Pairs

Open Triples

Dandenong Club Bowls Section Championship Conditions of Play and Rules


The Committee may make regulations as are deemed necessary to govern Club Championships in line with the Rules for BV Competition


Responsibility of the control and coordination of the Dandenong Club Championships will be conducted by the Committee of Management and the Club Championships Manager


1. Entry Fee – All fees for club championship games will have to be entered through online entry or through Bowls Shop in full unless otherwise discussed with the championship manager or committee

Eligibility to enter

2. Must be a full financial member of the Dandenong Club Bowls Section

3. Entries for Club Championship events shall close at a designated time on a designated date. Dates will be advised to all members through the Entry form, Bowlslink information, newsletters and our club website

4. Further entries that are submitted beyond the date and time of closing for the event can be accepted if approved by the Club Championship Manager but not after the commencement of the first round of play

5. Major Competitions – All members that apply to the conditions above may enter

6. Minor Singles – a member fulfilling the above conditions may enter the minor singles provided they:

a. played the majority of their games in season 2021/22 in Third division on Saturday/Midweek or lower

b. has not won a graded club event, Minor singles, Major singles or Pairs championship in this or any other club.

7. The Championships Manager has the right to determine if a player is eligible for Minor Singles if they haven’t played in a pennant side at the club.

8. Members may enter both Minor Singles and Major Singles if eligible to play both


All club championship dates will be allocated for each round with the Semi Final and Final to be set match dates. All preliminary rounds up until Quarter finals will be provided a scheduled time period. Players unable to meet the allocated time must play the match any time before the scheduled date. Scheduled time changes will be discussed and managed by the Championships Manager. Dates for the game will be shown on Bowlslink, Club noticeboard and in the conditions of play.

In the situation the game has not been completed within two weeks of the date allocated, the player that was required to organize the game (Top mentioned player/team) will be the one that gives a forfeit. (Discussions with championships manager are allowed if genuine reason for not being able to play applies)


– Singles Championship: Singles club championship will abide by the rules in accordance with BV for singles club championships. Knockout format, four bowls per player, all rounds 25 shots up (in excess of 25 will not count)

– Minor Singles Championship: Knockout format, four bowls per player, all rounds 21 shots up (in excess of 21 will not count)

– Novice Singles: 4 bowls per player, all rounds 21 shots up (in excess of 21 will not count), Knockout format

– Mixed Pairs Championship: Knockout format, 15 ends up until Quarters then Semi’s and Final will be 18 ends, four bowls per player in 2x2x2x2 format

– Pairs Championship: Knockout format, all rounds will be 18 ends, four bowls per player in 2x2x2x2 format

– Triples Championship (Knockout): 2 bowl Triples, 15 ends up to the including Quarters, 18 ends in Semi’s and Final, Dead ends are replayed, Tie determined by 1 end sudden death playoff


Practice at the club on the day is permitted but not on the rink you will compete on unless unavoidable (i.e. You played a club comp earlier in the day and drew that rink) OR The rink was required to be used as part of a club training sessions.

A two (2) end roll up will be allowed for all comps before the game begins. If in agreeance with opposing team, less ends and/or bowls can be used in roll up (for exp. 2 bowl, 2 end roll up in a pairs match if in agreeance with opposition)


At the conclusion of a game that results in a tie, teams shall complete one end to obtain a result


Substitutes: A substitute (as opposed to a replacement) means a member who fills in for an intended player or a constituted player in a team

a) No member may act as a substitute unless granted permission by the Event Organizer and Umpire of the event after being satisfied that the substitute are eligible for the role

b) A player who is already involved or has been defeated shall not be eligible to be a substitute

c) Substitute shall be chosen from the available members and playing ability shall not be taken into account

d) A member/player who has acted as a substitute, if still is eligible has the right to also act as a substitute in any other competition/event or same competition for any other team. Player can be changed at the completion of any end of the game

e) If a team have a substitute for a portion of a game or all of the time wins the tournament, the award shall be given to the original player, not the substitute

f) A substitute may play in any position except skip. In the case of a triple or four the other players may re-arrange their positions as desired.

g) Only one substitute will be allowed to participate in any given team event

h) In the situation a team member is absent and no substitute is available, the team will have to forfeit the match

Replacements: A replacement (as opposed to a substitute) applies when there is no possibility that the intended player in the team or individual can return/fill his or her position

a) If during the course of an event or competition a player has no ability to enter to the game due to resignation, suspension, expulsion, forfeiture of playing status or disqualification, the position of that player removed will be vacant and the Event Organiser shall allow an eligible player to fill the members position in the team

b) Only one player can be replaced in this situation

c) No member may act as a replacement unless granted permission by the Event Organizer and Umpire of the event after being satisfied that the substitute are eligible for the role


The Manager shall endeavour to always have an umpire present for Club Championship matches set down for specific dates. This does not apply to matches that have a set time frame/when the 2-week time frame applies. Umpires will be present for Semi’s and Final


In all Club Singles championships, a marker will have to be necessary for the game of play. That marker will have to be organised by the players throughout the games, up to and including Prelims. Semi Finals and Final will be organised by the Championships Manager

The top mentioned player on the draw will be designated the responsibility of organising a marker in the games before and including Quarter finals.


Club uniform must be worn throughout all club championship club finals (Quarters, Semis and Final).


All rinks for all matches shall be nominated by the Championships Manager


At the completion of your club championship game, scorecards must be left in the bowls office or a photo taken of them and sent to the Championships Manager (hamishbeecroft1@gmail.com) for confirmation of completion of the game. Results will be posted in Bowlslink