Mixed Pairs

Schedule of events working back:

  • Club Mixed Pairs Championship Final – 20th Apr
  • Semis – 13th Apr

Preliminary matches as per the date/time on the Pairs draw (2-week game completion time)

  • Qtr Finals – (27th Mar – 10th Apr)
  • Last 16 – (13th Mar – 27th Mar)
  • Last 32 – (27th Feb – 13th Mar)
  • Last 64 – (13th Feb – 27th Feb)


  • 2x2x2x2 Bowls Pairs
  • 15 Completed Ends up to and including quarter finals i.e. Dead Ends are replayed
  • 18 Completed Ends in the and semi finals.
  • 2 end roll up allowed
  • Practice at the club on the day is permitted but not on the rink you will compete on unless unavoidable (i.e. You played a club comp earlier in the day and drew that rink or sued the rink for pennant practice)
  • Winner to fill in the results in the draw and notify Club Championship Manager of result
  • Ties will be decided by a 1 end sudden death playoff.
  • Teams will re-toss for the play off end to decide who controls the mat.
  • Top mentioned team in each game is responsible to organize.
  • All preliminary rounds (including Qtrs) will be given a 2-week window for competitors to complete their game

In the situation the game has not been completed by the time allocated, the team that was meant to organize the game (Top mentioned team) will be the one that gives a forfeit. (Discussions with Championships Manager allowed if genuine reason for not being able to play applies

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