Open Minor Singles

Eligible playersAny member who played the majority of their games in season 2021/22 in division 3 on Saturday/Midweek or lower will be eligible to enter provided, they have not won a graded club event, Minor singles, Major singles or Pairs championship at this or any other club. The Championships Manager has the right to determine if a player is eligible for Minor Singles if they haven’t played in a pennant side at the club. Members may enter both Minor Singles and Major Singles if eligible to play in both.

Club Championship Open Minor Singles

Schedule of events working back:

  • Club Open Minor Singles Championship Final – 1st Dec
  • Semis – 24th Nov

Preliminary matches as per the date/time on the singles draw (2-week game completion time)

  • Qtr Finals – (7th Nov – 21st Nov)
  • Last 16 – (24th Octo – 7th Nov)
  • Last 32 – (10th Octo – 24th Octo)


  • First to 21 shots up (All rounds)
  • 2 ends roll up
  • Practice at the club on the day is permitted but not on the rink you will compete on unless unavoidable (i.e. You played a club comp earlier in the day and drew that rink or it has been USD as part of pennant practice drill)
  • Up to and including the quarter finals, players to organize their own marker. Top mentioned player in each game’s responsibility to organize.
  • All preliminary rounds (including Qtrs) will be given a 2-week window for competitors to complete their game
  • In the situation the game has not been completed by the time allocated, the person that was meant to organize the game (Top mentioned player) will be the one that gives a forfeit. (Discussions with championships manager allowed if genuine reason for not being able to play applies)
  • The club will provide markers for the semi-finals and finals.
  • Winner to fill in the results in the draw and notify Club Championships Manager of result