Punter’s Club

The Punters Club run a 10 week competition with opportunities to win weekly! They enjoy Picnic Days at different Racing Events and have several appearances by Keith Hillier throughout the year! Anyone keen on the horses is welcome to join in the fun of a Saturday in the TAB at the Club.

As of July 11th 2007 the Punter’s Club became an official sub-club of the Dandenong Club

The main emphasis of this sub-club is meeting people and having fun.

We always say; “If we make money, then it’s a bonus!

Upcoming Events:

Our meetings will be held the first Tuesday of the every second month. The months are August, October, December, February, April & June

We are always looking for new members. Those looking to joining need to see Sharon behind the TAB and ask for information regarding becoming a member.

Contact for Punters Club:

President – Robert Krings 0400 651 338
email: robertkrings64@gmail.com

Secretary – George Gall 9795 5891

Treasurer – Sharon Gadd 9792 1963