A Message from the Club President

Covid – 19 Update.

To All Our Members


In these trying times it is very important that we stay connected with all our members young and old. Our club is a meeting place for diverse groups of people, and as such we realise how hard the closure of the club must be for everyone. It is only in times like this that we fully appreciate the small things in life that we used to take for granted, that have now been taken away from us all.  Stay in touch with your fellow members as much as possible and adhere to the lockdown rules. As everyone can now see, this virus is “REAL” and we need to take it seriously in order to protect ourselves, our families and our friends.  This virus does not discriminate. The consensus earlier was that it was only the older members of the community that had to worry if they contracted the virus, but as we have now seen in other countries, the young are also at risk.


We have tremendous staff at the club and it was extremely stressful to have to stand down our entire workforce. We are continually monitoring the options that are becoming available to them in a financial sense and are here to assist when and if we can.


The financial impact for the club cannot be underestimated. There will be clubs who won’t open their doors again. Fortunately, we are in a position to go to the banks if we need to and use our assets that we own i.e. the two houses and the block of land on Stud Rd that we own. If we did not have them to leverage the banks and were only relying on our cash reserves, then we would have been in a completely different position.


In Summary I will communicate further when and as we receive more information. Remember to practise social distancing, appreciate the essential service workers and only travel if you must. The faster we all adhere to the guidelines, the sooner we can all move forward and be back in our normal environment at the club. If you have any health concerns at all, http://www.health.gov.au is highly recommended.  Stay Healthy, Stay Safe.