A Joint Venture between Dandenong Club and Bowls Australia

This is event is to be conducted on March 15, 2019 as a joint venture between Bowls Australia and Dandenong Club, conducted under the newly completed roof and Tiger Weave green.
The Pro AM sponsored by Dandenong Club will be made up of sixteen teams each playing three games in a PBL Cup format and rules
Bowls Australia will recruit eight players with National experience and eight players with State experience.
The competition will be live streamed by Bowls Australia.
Around the green seating will be at East and West ends of the green
Bars will be open and food available for spectators.

Included is a post match dinner hosted by TV and Radio funnyman Dave O’Neil


Who Benefits?

Bowls Australia

All Profits from the event will be donated the Bowls Disaster Relief Fund.  As natural disasters continue to ravage the country, Bowls Australia, in conjunction
with its state and territory associations, has launched a public appeal to specifically
aid the sport, with donations currently being sought to assist affected clubs in
reopening their doors.
In order to ensure the sport’s longevity, the Bowls Disaster Relief Fund has been
established, with 100% of all sums to be redirected to those clubs in need.

Dandenong Club

Dandenong Club opens its new facility by presenting a new style of event to a mix of high profile players, local bowlers and club members

How Does it work?

Teams will be made up of three players. Each team shall include an invited player with Australian or State experience (The pros) and two players that have each paid to play in the competition.
Each Pro will be allocated to a different team for each of the first two rounds of matches with no pro playing in more than one game in any one team.
For the last round the four highest ranked national players will be auctioned with each of the 16 teams able to bid for their pro. Unsuccessful bidders will be allocated a pro at random
Pros will be paid to play. Payments will be negotiated by Bowls Australia.


Pairs with most wins and best net aggregate;  $900, 2nd $600, 3rd $300. The Pro with the most wins and best net aggregate will win $1000

Post event dinner

The event will conclude with a dinner in our Banquet room.  All players will attend the dinner . Drinks will be at bar prices.
Tickets to dinner will be $40 per head for non-players (80 tickets available)
The dinner will include a panel of bowlers and be hosted by TV and Radio funnyman Dave O’Neil.
Four Items will be auctioned at the dinner and one raffle conducted over the entire day and drawn at the dinner.

Other matters

Around the green seating and viewing will be at the East and West ends of the green
Bars will be open and food available for spectators.

How to enter

Download an entry form and follow the instructions
Dandenong Club Pro Am – Entry Form 15 March