With Dandenong Club just last week announcing Mark Casey as the new coach of its Bowls Premier League franchise, they have followed up with the news that Australian Jackaroo, Ellen Ryan will accept a two-year invitation to join the Melbourne Pulse.
Ellen has proven to be an Aussie in a hurry. At just 23 years of age, she has a string of national and international achievements to her name.
She made her international debut during the 2017 Australia versus England Test Series and the same year won the Australian Open singles and pairs titles. She was the first person to hold both the indoor and outdoor world under-25 singles titles simultaneously
In 2019 she won the Australian National Bowls Championships fours.  In 2020 she was selected for the 2020 World Outdoor Bowls Championship in Australia.
Based in Goulburn NSW she is a regular with the powerful Cabramatta Club in NSW and jumped at the chance to join the franchise.  In adding Ellen to the team of Gary Kelly and Barrie Lester the Pulse farewells Natasha Scott who was a solid contributor in last year’s BPL series for Pulse.
Club President Charlie Daly on announcing the signing said, “It was a really tough call to make on Natasha when Ellen became available.  We learned a lot in our first year in this competition and know we need to do some things differently to get the results we are aspiring for.
There are some elements about Ellen’s game that we think will help with the tweaks we will make to our game plan for BPL 12.  This is such a tough competition where every one-percenter makes a difference to the competitiveness of each team.  We are really excited to have her on our team.
In the meantime, all eight franchises await advice on when the BPL will be back. BPL12 was scheduled to be played at Pine Rivers from November 10 to 13 this year. Clearly Melbourne Pulse is looking forward to their second year of this outstanding competition involving 24 of the world’s best in a competition of just eight teams.
Ellen Ryan

  • 2019 Trans Tasman – Overall Team/Overall Women’s Development Champion
  • 2019 Multi-Nations – Overall Team/Overall Women’s Champion
  • 2019 Multi-Nations – Gold – Singles, Pairs
  • 2018 Hong Kong International – Gold – Pairs
  • 2018 Welsh 10-Nations – Gold – Pairs
  • 2017 Gold Coast Multi-Nations – Gold – Fours
  • 2014 Junior Trans-Tasman – Overall Team Champion
  • 2013 Junior Trans-Tasman – Overall Team Champion


  • 2017 Australian Open – Gold– Singles
  • 2017 Australian Open – Gold– Pairs
  • 2017 Australian Open – Silver – Fours
  • 2015 Australian Open – Gold – Singles
  • 2015 Marj Morris Trophy – overall trophy
  • 2015 Australian Under-18 Championships – Gold – Pairs
  • 2015 Australian Under-18 Championships – Bronze – Fours
  • 2014 Australian Under-18 Championships – Gold – Triples
  • 2013 Australian Under-18 Championships – Gold – Triples
  • 2012 Australian Open – Gold – Under-18 Singles