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A reminder our rules require a quorum of 25% of the club’s membership eligible to vote are required to attend the AGM. If you are a paid-up full member, a life member or a junior over the age of 18, please make an effort to be at the Club on the 5th May at 6.30 pm.

The annual meeting of the Dandenong Club Bowls Section will be conducted at the Dandenong Club on 5th May 2022 from 6.30 pm.

Only financial members in the categories of Life Member, Full Member, and Junior Member (over the age of 18 years) are eligible to attend and to vote.

In accordance with Rule 11,
The business to be conducted at such meeting shall be:

To confirm the minutes of the previous annual general meeting,
To receive and confirm the Chairman’s report
To elect members of the bowls section committee,
To consider other business of which twenty-eight (28) days’ notice in writing has been given.
To consider any special business brought forward by a member who has given in writing twenty-eight (28) days’ notice prior to the date of the meeting,
To consider, and if desired, make any recommendation to the incoming committee of any matter raised by members at the meeting.

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