There were more Gold medals up for grabs in Birmingham last night, which was one to remember.

Ellen Ryan teamed up with her best buddy Katrina Krstic for the pairs event against a fabulous English team.

Both are BPL stars, Ellen with The Pulse and Kristina with The Perth Suns.

At 11 to 2 down to the English, there were some concerns, although somehow, it seemed we were much closer than that.   Our Comms Games debutants dug deep to put on an outrageous display and work their way to 12 each, then 16 to 12 before dropping a four to let the English back.

After 18 ends, the scores stood at 18 all. The deciding end found us one shot with a bowl to play. Ellen took the mat and knocked the English bowl clean off the rink. The gold medals were theirs.

watch ellens Golden shot