How to Meet with Like-Minded People: Club Gathering at Function Venues in Melbourne

An old adage goes that birds of the same feathers flock together. Thanks to the power of internet, it is easier to meet new people you share the same passion with these days. Social media has allowed people with similar interest to connect and get to know each other well.  There are online sites and forums dedicated to connecting people who have high regards for a particular sport, outdoor activity or a subject matter.
But while talking over your unique interest online is great, the fun does not compare to the pleasure of personally meeting the people you have mutual fascination with.
Therefore, some would even go to the extent of creating social clubs, and would lease social function venues where like-minded people could meet up regularly for a night or day to enjoy about the thing they love doing best.
The Dandenong Club, provider of function venues in Melbourne, is aware that these gatherings can pave way for long lasting friendships so they feature social clubs for people who share the following interest:
Do you want to learn the basics of the game, refine your skills, or just want to watch the game along with the bowls fanatic?  Whether you’re looking for camaraderie or friendly competition, you can find both at Dandenong Bowls Club. The club’s president, Hugh Peuker, is more than happy to welcome anyone who wants to join this club.
You often find darts played at pubs and sports grounds. But where can you meet dart devotees whom you could form a team with? In a darts club, that’s where! Meet and discuss upcoming events and tournaments with fellow dart players and enthusiasts Dandenong Dart clubs.
Don’t be left behind with the latest games and occasions in the golf world. Gather with your fellow golfers and golf supporters at Dandenong Golf Club to talk about the next competitions, or just enjoy some social activities laid out for your club.
As of July 11th 2007 the Punter’s Club became an official sub-club of the Dandenong Club. So, if you’re eager to come across with people who are quite knowledgeable about the 10 week competition and its opportunities to win weekly, you are very welcome to become this club’s new member.
Good news to die-hard snooker addicts! The Dandenong Snooker Club has a fine history of winning that dates back in 1988. Learn more about the secrets of their success and improve your next game by interacting with their skilled members.
Do you want to catch new tricks and tips about fishing? Join your fellow ‘fishermen’ in their discourse at Dandenong Fishing Club. It is full of fishing buffs that also hold competitions in different locations and cover river, lake, surf and bay fishing.
Food and wine
Foodies and wine connoisseurs gather at Dandenong’s Food & Wine Club every Wednesday evening for a night full of laughter, good food, and wine. If this is your type of social scene, then by all means, join the club and get the chance to be named as Food Master or Wine Master of the night.
Over 60s
Does tea and board games with your fellow Baby boomers sound good to you? Come to Over 60’s Club and be with people of ages you can relate with. This club is open to anyone over the age of 55 and meet every Monday 1.30pm – 4.00pm.
Are you ready to mingle with people you share the same passion with? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to arrange membership for you! Aside for social clubs, The Dandenong Club also provides corporate event locations and party venues in Melbourne.