Last year the Club’s number of bowls members received a significant boost (33%) and this year we are aiming for another 10% growth.  More members make a big difference in the way our club operates.

If you have a friend or family member ready to try bowls there is no better place to join.  Dandenong Club members can complete an application for membership on our website

Coach Rob Wilson has a staged introduction for new members.

It starts with a meet and greet with Willo either in person or over the phone.

This followed up with on the green lessons and then some introductory playing opportunities and for practice.

Next comes competition play and finally pennant opportunities if there is a desire to do so.

In proving to be a great introduction to bowls with big numbers of new bowlers taking up the game at Dandenong Club.

It might be just about time to introduce your local legend to Dandenong Club bowls.