Barefoot bowls is a great outdoor sport. It’s a fun-filled game that is easy to play and is also a great way to bask in the sun while bonding with friends and family.
Barefoot bowls is a great way to bond with people of all ages. If you’re looking for a great place where you can bowl, drink, and dine, don’t forget to pay The Dandenong Club a visit. Our award-winning club houses an impressive bowling environment with a strategically placed bar and bistro nearby. For enquiries, shoot us a message or call us today!
The game of bowls goes back all the way to  13th century London. In England the oldest known bowling club The SouthamptonOld Bowling Green is still active today.
Today, there are numerous bowls clubs in Melbourne that offer indoor or outdoor playing.
If you’re looking to play a match of barefoot bowls in Melbourne, here are a few tips on the shots you can use to play your game.

The Draw Shot

As a true mark of of a skilled bowler, the draw shot is perfect for those who have perfect control over weight distribution. It’s all about delivering with the precise amount of weight to the bowl so it finishes closest to the jack or to a certain point in the field. It is a challenging shot because the bowl moves at a slow continuous turn.

The Yard Shot

For this type of delivery, the player will bowl by adding enough weight so that it can move a yard or two past the target. It’s quite a strategic move because it nails at least two objectives: one, to allow the bowl to drag the jack away from the opponent, moving it closer towards your own and, secondly, pushing the bowl out of its head and taking position.

The Drive Shot

When playing the drive shot, the bowl is launched at high speed and delivered with maximum weight so it can target the head full force. This is normally used when the player only has a couple of shots left because it aims to totally remove the opponent’s bowls in the green.