By Rob Sharpe a “Sports Tragic”
I’ve been a “Sportie” all my life. Playing, watching live and on TV , tennis, golf, cricket, footy, soccer and tennis.  I’ve made plenty of great friends through sports and have many fond sporting memories.   I’ve had a go at most sports and always had what I considered a primary and secondary sport to consider to play.  When footy was my primary sport, I had basketball as a fall back. When I played cricket, golf was an option. When there was fishing I still played some tennis. Today bowls is my stand out number one and golf a distant second.  Now I’m a little over sixty and know I should have done this when I was forty.


In my mid-twenties and thirties I had an inkling to play lawn bowls but things were different then.  All greens were grass, clubs had waiting lists, and new bowlers were treated with great trepidation. I remember my one and only chance to bowl at my parents club was on the last Sunday of the season when the greens were about to close. I had other sports to play and no way was a giving those up to play bowls. The expectation was bowls and little else.
Today it’s all very different and it makes me think that bowls ought to be for many,  that secondary sport.


I’ve been working for a while at  Dandenong Club where we have new roof, a new green, where we are opening new bar and cafes around the green. And we are introducing more barefoot bowls opportunities and running short competitions for those that want to play a competitive game without making a long term commitment. We can lend equipment and we are pretty relaxed about what you wear. It is low cost to get started and cheap to play. There is music, food and bar service around the greens.


Its not for everyone, there are plenty of diehards that still  want the full offer, 18 week seasons and traditional fours competitions. We do that too but for the traditional “week end sports warrior”, bowls at Dandenong Club can be a real secondary option.


Give us a call, at Dandenong Club. Rob Wilson our full time coach is ready to get you started.  Phone 97621963, or email Rob at